Sergeant Mark Buschena has been a police officer for 37 years.  During that time, he has worked on patrol, investigations, was a canine handler, and since 1992 he has been and continues to be the supervisor in his department’s Crime Prevention/Community Services section.  He is the coordinator of the local Crime Stopper program.  He is a graduate of the National Crime Prevention Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 1993 he was recognized by the North Dakota Attorney General as “North Dakota’s Crime Prevention Officer of the Year.”

In his crime prevention capacity, he has written and has published numerous crime prevention articles.  He has appeared on many television and radio programs and newscasts as a guest discussing crime prevention and what people can do to protect themselves and their property.  For 12 years he appeared weekly on the local CBS affiliate news, with a “Crime Prevention Tip of the Week.”  He speaks to thousands of people each year during training seminars on personal protection, shoplifting, robbery prevention and workplace violence, among other topics.

He teaches crime prevention concepts to his department’s new recruits, as well as to other crime prevention officers from around the state.  He is a state certified law enforcement trainer, and is a state certified police officer.   In short, crime prevention is his business and area of expertise.  He brings a unique perspective to self-defense training for the average person.

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