How to Choose and Use a Personal Alarm For Personal Protection

Despite your best efforts to stay safe by preventing an assault and staying alert to your surroundings, the worst has happened. You’re being attacked. How do you “sound the alarm” and call for help?

Sound has been increasingly recommended as a way to protect yourself during assaults and other personal crimes. Sound helps to attract attention, startle or disorient the attacker, or give him the perception that he might be caught. It also shows that you are assertive, that you are not a willing to be a victim.

There are advantages to using sound. You can use it in a threatening situation, before the attack takes place. Because sound is non-violent, there is more of a chance that you might use it without hesitation. Sound can’t be used against you, like a gun or knife if it’s taken from you. It requires little training or skill to use it. (more…)