How to Prevent Theft From Your Gym Locker While Working Out

One of your resolutions may be to start working out, doing some exercise and getting in shape. And for many people this means going to a gym or other workout facility. But when you pack your exercise gear, think about what you won't need while working out.

Leaving valuables in an unlocked locker at a gym, rehab center or school is risky business. It's the same thing as leaving valuables in an unlocked vehicle or unlocked garage-sooner or later they will be stolen.

To prevent thefts of your valuables while working out:


  1. GET YOUR OWN LOCK-Every workout facility I contacted said they not only allow you to use your own lock, they encourage it. What kind of lock you use is up to you. With a combination lock there is no key to lose. With a key lock there is no combination to forget.
  2. USE A LOCK PROVIDED BY THE FACILITY-This is better than no lock, but not as good as having your own. When you use a facility lock, there is a chance someone else may know the combination or have a key.
  3. LOCK UP ALL YOUR POSSESSIONS-Your jacket or shoes are just as apt to be stolen as your wallet.
  4. CHECK YOUR VALUABLES IN AT THE DESK-Not all facilities provide this service. And for the ones that do, there is really no guarantee that your valuables will be safe, although they will probably be safer than in an unlocked locker.
  5. LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES AT HOME-Take only what you will absolutely need at the gym and leave the rest at home. If you don't need your wallet, watch, cash or credit cards to work out, don't take them along. If you don't take them with you, they can't be ripped off. Lock these things securely in the trunk, or better yet, leave them at home.


Sgt. Mark Buschena is a veteran police officer with 32 years experience. He is the author of "The Naked Truth About Personal Protection!" How to protect your life, family and property. Simple ways to protect yourself from thieves, muggers, rapists, robbers, burglars, con-artists, pick-pockets and other scum-of-the-earth! Get your copy at

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