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Kick Ass Home Security


Chip Cummings, Host of the Financial Fitness Show! a nationally-syndicated radio program recently interviewed Sgt. Mark Buschena about “Kick Ass Home Security!” 

Hear the interview here:

or listen here: http://www.financialfitnessshow.com/mark-buschena-home-security/

Are you absolutely positive you’ve done everything you can to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home or apartment? 

If you’re not sure, “Kick Ass Home Security!” may be the most important book you ever read! 

  • “I just finished reading your book, “Kick Ass Home Security.”  It was very informative and I especially liked your advice about what to do in case someone breaks in when you are home.  I’ve always considered robbers as rational, but now I see that they just may be on drugs or otherwise impaired.  Thank you for writing such a practical book.
  • “Finished reading Kick-ass… great book. Even though I already had a great plan, picked up some great tips.
  • “First off, GREAT information! I am a single female living alone, so home security is very important to me…Your book is straightforward and easy to understand and seems to offer complete and unbiased information. I love that it broke everything down to a level that assumes no previous understanding and included illustrations for easiest comprehension. The recommendations for products make great starting points for someone who doesn’t know where to start…I’ve made a list of every suggested task and prioritized it from cheapest and/or easiest to complete to most expensive and/or requiring professional help. Much to my surprise, it is very easy to quickly make a big difference without spending a lot of money and gradually build upon it over the course of a year.”
  • “I got your book on home security on Amazon for Kindle and it wasexcellent and at a reasonable price. Thank You.”

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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation one burglary occurs every 14.3 seconds. 

The sad fact is many of these are preventable, had the victims only known what to do or taken some other action. 

Don’t you become the next statistic!

Click here to  discover the specific tips, tricks and techniques in “Kick Ass Home Security!” to turn your home into a TOUGH TARGET!

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Other Crime Prevention Titles by Sgt. Mark Buschena
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Stop Living in Fear!

  “Veteran Police Officer Reveals Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Thieves, Muggers, Rapists, Robbers, Burglars, Pick-Pockets, Con Artists and Other Scum-Of-The Earth!

When the chips are down, the stakes are high, and your life is on the line, would you know what to do in these dangerous situations?  Are you absolutely sure?  Are you willing to BET YOUR LIFE?

  • You’re stopped at a stop light when suddenly a punk leans in your window, sticks a knife to your throat and yells “Get out of the car!”
  • You’re walking through a parking garage when a drugged up maniac pulls a gun on you and hisses “Gimme your money!?”
  • You’re in bed.  You wake up and see a burglar in your bedroom rummaging through your dresser drawers?

…Did you have to hesitate before you answered any of these questions?  If you did, you took too much time and you just became the next CRIME VICTIM, the next STATISTIC, the next HEADLINE in tomorrow’s newspaper!


From:  The Desk of Sergeant Mark Buschena

Dear Future Tough Target,

(Yes, YOU will become a Tough Target!)

If you are sick and tired of seeing crime on your nightly news, or reading headlines in your paper that make you feel like you’re living in a war zone…

If you’re afraid to take a vacation or go on a trip because you don’t want to get robbed or ripped off…

If you’re concerned about your spouse or your children and keeping them safe…

Or if you’re sick and tired of living in fear in your own house or apartment…this may be the most important letter you ever read!

Here’s why…

Most people have never thought about what they would do if confronted by a street criminal.  They don’t have a clue!

Nor do they have any idea what they can do to reduce their chances of being singled out and chosen by a lawbreaker in the first place.

Others have not made even the slightest effort to avoid becoming a victim.  They go bumbling through life like a crime just looking for a place to happen, and when they finally become a crime casualty they lament “How could this have happened to me?”…

But your chances of avoiding and surviving a criminal encounter just got better than ever!

I will show you exactly how the criminal selects his target.  I will show you how NOT to get selected, and more importantly WHAT TO DO if you are selected by a street punk, mugger or delinquent to be his next prey.

You will learn that “tough targets” don’t get selected and you’ll learn how to become a TOUGH TARGET!  

You will learn easy steps you can begin to take immediately, things you can do right now, today, to reduce your chances of being ripped off, robbed or raped.

You will learn that YOU ALONE are responsible for your safety.  You will learn how to make a plan to keep yourself, your home, your family and your possessions safer and more secure from all the low-life scum bags that are just looking for an opportunity to make an easy score out of YOU!

If you don’t learn how to become a tough target…if you don’t learn technique after technique of how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim… if you don’t learn multiple ways to react if you do find yourself in a confrontation with a criminal…

Not only can you keep the program, but you can keep the bonus material too, just for trying my methods…so as you can see you really have nothing to lose and a whole lot of safety, security and confidence to gain!

Let me ask you this…

If you don’t do anything to reduce your chances of being a crime victim, how long do you think you’ll be able to go before you or someone in your family is a victim of crime?  Are you willing to gamble on your safety and the safety of your family?  

I don’t think so! Or would you feel better knowing you are doing everything you can to keep them safe?

So imagine this…Instead of being afraid, you are able to walk with confidence knowing you have an arsenal of tools and techniques to help protect yourself.

Instead of being uncertain about what to do in a specific crime situation, you’ll havenumerous options that you’ve thought about in advance.

Instead of laying awake at night worrying that someone will break into your home, you’re confident you have taken specific steps to help beef up your security.

Think about how incredible you will feel.

WOW—now that’s something you can really get excited about!

If you’ve read this far you probably have a question on your mind…

“Who in the heck is Sergeant Mark Buschena and why is he qualified to help me become a tough target?”

Well, let me introduce myself…

I have been a police officer since 1979.  I spent the first half of my career on patrol, investigations and as a canine handler, responding to crimes in progress and calls from crime victims…

Victims of rape, robbery, burglary, assault and other crimes…Responding to fights, domestic violence and disturbances…

Rendering first-aid and interviewing crime victims at the emergency room where they were recovering from injuries

Taken statements from robbery, burglary and theft victims who are trying to determine what they are all missing, how much it’s worth, and how they will ever replace it all…

I’ve spent the second half of my career teaching people how to avoid becoming a victim.  Since 1992 I’ve been assigned to Crime Prevention and have been the supervisor there ever since.

For twelve years I had a weekly segment on the local CBS TV affiliate with a crime prevention tip of the week.  I have written numerous articles on crime and what people can do to protect themselves.

I’m a graduate of the National Crime Prevention Institute in Louisville, Kentucky and in 1992 I was named by our state’s Attorney General as our state’s Crime Prevention Officer of the Year.

I’m a state certified law enforcement trainer and I teach crime prevention concepts to our department’s new officers as well as officers from around the state.

Over the years I have spoken to literally thousands of people in presentations
on personal protection.

During the question and answer periods it started to become painfully obvious to me that the vast, vast majority of people don’t have the slightest idea of what to do to keep themselves safe and reduce their likelihood of being picked as the next victim.

The other thing that became clear is that I can’t teach you everything you need to know in 45 minutes or an hour.  It was going to take some other way to get the critical information to the people who desperately want it.

And since I can’t physically sit you down and go over this with you personally, I’ve put my 30 years of law enforcement experience, and 18 years of crime prevention experience, into an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to obtain, format.


Here are just a few of the strategies and techniques you’ll learn:

  • You’re faced with an attacker.  You don’t have any weapons with which to defend yourself.  Or do you?  I’ll show you an arsenal of makeshift weapons you’ve probably got at your fingertips right now.
  • I’ll show you simple self-defense techniques.  Easy and effective.
  • If you keep a weapon for self-defense, if you don’t do this you’re making a BIG mistake.
  • An easy way to prevent those creepy window peepers.
  • You see a prowler outside your home.  Would you know what to do?  Most people take the WRONG action.  I’ll show you what to do to give you the greatest chance he’ll be caught and not just run away to skulk back later.
  • You’re riding in your car, when someone bumps you from behind.  You stop to get out, and look at the damage, and POW, you get robbed.  Where did you go wrong?
  • You’re stopped at a stoplight.  Suddenly someone sticks a gun in your ear and says, “Give me your car.”  The wrong move at this point may get you killed. Would you know what to do?
  • Parking lot paranoia – how can you get back and forth to and from your vehicle without being assaulted, robbed or raped?
  • You’re driving in your vehicle.  Another vehicle is right on your tail.  He seems to be following you.  What do you do?  Most people will do the WRONG thing.
  • How to survive your stay at the hotel/motel without having anything stolen from your room and without being assaulted or worse.
  • How to choose a hotel room that is less likely to be burglarized.
  • How to keep burglars out of your hotel room, even if they’ve got a key.
  • You’re in an elevator.  A guy gets on with you that doesn’t look so bad.  The doors close and he spins you around and starts to claw at your purse, or tear at your blouse.  Would you know what to do?  The common response is the WRONG response!
  • If you use a gun for self-defense, you’ve got to know this.  If you don’t know this, you just might get yourself killed.
  • Quick, somebody points a gun at you.  Do you know what to do?  Did you have to think about it?  If you did, you took too much time and you just lost.
  • You carry a knife for self-defense.  Before you do, consider this.
  • Ever heard of this one, keys between your fingers for self-defense?  I’ll tell you why this often used, often relied on technique probably WON’T WORK.
  • Rape, Sexual Assault.  Do you know where most rapes and sexual assaults occur?  If you don’t, you’re putting yourself at risk.
  • The dating scene.  How to stay safe while “out on the town.”
  • Would you know how to react if you were robbed?  One false move could get you killed.

But as they say in the ginsu knife commercial…
that’s not even close to all you get!

  • You come home from work or from vacation.  Your front door is standing open,or a window is broken.  Would you know what to do?
  • You’re asleep.  You wake up to noises.  It sounds like someone is in your house.  Now what do you do?  The common response is also the WRONG response.
  • You wake up and see a burglar in your bedroom going through your drawers.  The wrong move here could get you seriously hurt or worse.  The right move, and maybe nobody gets hurt.
  • A $4.95 item that helps to keep burglars away from your house or apartment.
  • Three rules your children have to know about firearms, whether you believe in firearm ownership or not.
  • The worst has happened.  Some of your property was stolen, or your house had a fire.  Not to worry, because you’ve got insurance, right?  Not so fast.  Here’s a strategy to make it easier for you AND your insurance agent to settle your claim.
  • How to get through the airport without being victimized.
  • Police always tell you to report “What is suspicious.”  Easy for them to say.  What exactly is suspicious behavior?
  • Before you leave on vacation, take these steps if you don’t want burglars visiting when you’re gone.
  • One thing you might forget to do before leaving on vacation that could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • A $10 piece of equipment for your vehicle that can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Make sure the next vehicle you buy has this option.
  • How to prevent carjacking.
  • Staying safe while walking or jogging.
  • Imagine getting your purse snatched.  You’re knocked to the ground, and your purse, and all the contents are gone, driver license, credit cards, car keys, social security card.  Could this have been prevented?  You bet.  I’ll show you how.
  • You’re shopping with your children.  Suddenly one of them is missing.  This is every parent’s worse nightmare.  Take these steps before this happens to you.
  • How to hire a babysitter and steps to take before you leave your children with ANY sitter.
  • You’re taken hostage and thrown in your own trunk.  Would you know how to get out before you suffocate or bake alive?  You will after you read this.
  • Some maniac is behind you in his vehicle, tailgating, honking his horn and shaking his fist at you.  Would you know what to do when confronted with an aggressive driver?
  • You’re driving your car, late at night.  You see blue/red lights behind you.  You haven’t done anything wrong, and you’re not so sure that car is the real police.  Now what?

But hold your horses – there’s more!

  • The check’s in the mail?  Unless someone stole it.  How to prevent a mail thieffrom stealing your mail.
  • Here’s one that’s worse than someone stealing your mail.  How do you prevent someone from stealing your whole identity?   Is that a big deal?  Not until you start getting bills for things you didn’t buy, threatening letters and calls from collection bureaus, and threats of civil and criminal action.  According to some sources, this is the fastest growing crime in the United States.  Simple strategies to protect your identity and your privacy.
  • Steps you can take to prevent credit card fraud.
  • ATM users, beware.  How to “pick” an ATM to use where you won’t get “picked off” yourself.
  • How to keep a thief from stealing valuables out of your car or truck.
  • If you’ve got a safe, or are contemplating getting one, are you using the right safe for the right job?
  • Protect your laptop computer while traveling, in the hotel, at the conference center and more.
  • How to select the right alarm company.
  • Cell phones can be a lifesaver.  They can also cause a disaster if you don’t use them properly.
  • Keep your boat, snowmobile or other trailer from being stolen.
  • Protecting your property with a padlock.  I’ll show you the type you want to avoid (and I’ll bet it’s the type you’re using now.)
  • How to prevent your expensive mountain bike (or your Wal-Mart special) from being stolen.
  • When should I call the police?  Seems elementary, but many people don’t know.

Would you recognize these cons and frauds?

  • How to stop those pesky telemarketers cold.
  • Beware of sweepstakes/contests.  How to avoid being taken for thousands.
  • 900 psychic lines, harmless fun right?  Guess again.
  • Someone approaches you with a bag of money, wallet or purse he/she found, and starts talking about what to do with it.  Would you recognize this classic con?
  • A call comes from your bank, or the police department.  They suspect an employee is embezzling money from your bank.  Could you help them catch the culprit?
  • You get an e-mail, fax or letter from a foreign government official, needing your help in diverting some funds from their national treasury into his hands.  Of course, he’ll split the money with you.  If you get involved with this, you’re in for some huge troubles.
  • “Psst, hey buddy.  I can get that computer for you for half price.”  How to be sure you’re not taken in by the old “bait and switch.”

Special tips for holidays or special occasions like:

  • July 4th.
  • Halloween tips for keeping your children safe, and/or your home and property safe from vandals.
  • Holiday Shopping.
  • Holiday Traveling.
  • Christmas packages.
  • New Years Eve.
  • Preventing crime during parties in your home.
  • Got a wedding in your future?  Somebody you know getting married?  How to insure the hitching goes off with a hitch.  These simple steps will help make sure no crooks strike during the wedding or reception.

The time to think about the answers to these questions is not when you are confronted by them.  The time to learn your options, and your family’s options, is RIGHT NOW, while you are safe, and sound.  Not tomorrow.  Not next week.  Not when you get around to it.  By then it just might be TOO LATE…

“Want to stay safe? Read this book!”

“This book is a ‘must-read’ for anyone concerned about their personal safety, home, and belongings. Whether you are wondering about safety as you travel or keeping your home secure – Mark Buschena has good, practical advice.

The information contained can be used by parents teaching their children, byyoung adults as they leave home, or by the rest of us as we live our lives safely and securely.

As I read Mark’s book, I had a highlighter in hand and often stopped to mark a sentence, a paragraph, or a section. It is easy to read, and kept my interest from front to back.

The tips and guidelines are a combination of basic and detailed information.Mark covers airports, pickpockets, and a variety of other locations and scenarios to be aware of and protect yourself as you travel.

The book has many ideas for keeping your home safe, from the external doors, locks, windows, and alarm systems.

Protecting you as you drive and even your car itself, is covered in the book.

Defending yourself if attacked is explained very well with illustrations on defensive maneuvers.

What to do if you are attacked with a weapon and when all else fails and you are injured – Mark tells you how to minimize your injuries.

Want to stay safe? Read this book!”

Char Feldman,
Fargo, North Dakota


“One cannot afford to be without your book!


“Wow! What a comprehensive book. In it is everything a person needs to know to be safe and to keep their property safe. I have learned a lot.

Mark, with 27 years of experience on the force, you’re an expert on what you are writing.  It shows!

Your book is easy to read and I like the graphics. Having checklists were helpful too. One cannot afford to be without your book! Thank you!

I love your book and wish you much success!  It is OUTSTANDING!”

Donna Brown,
Nashville, Tennessee


“What a great and comprehensive work!
I think it can really make a difference!”


Congratulations!  What a great and comprehensive work!   I thought it was well written with basic ‘common sense’ approaches as well as informing the public in general about things they wouldn’t normally think of. 

It was written in a manner that only Mark Buschena can write – haha!  Knowing you as I do, I could see your personality coming through and that is a good thing!  It isn’t easy to be lighthearted when discussing some of the unpleasant situations that you brought up, but you did a fine job.

In my world, (insurance) you were right on the money in the advice you gaveregarding insurance matters.

Thank you, Mark, for sharing this with me and for having the trust in me to give you feedback.  What an honor this has been!  I wish you an abundance in publishing this book!  I think it can really make a difference!”

Julie Phillips,
Moorhead, Minnesota


“It will save property, time, money
and most importantly lives!”


Wow this is incredible. Amazing.

The book is exceptional. Everything you wrote about in the sexual assault chapter is perfect and inclusive.

Sergeant Mark Buschena’s book is an exceptional, common sense, practical and simple to read book on protection for self, loved ones and the community.

As a sexual assault victim, involving a weapon, I am keenly aware of the importance of maintaining composure, contacting police, seeking medical attention and verbalizing the trauma. These are lessons Sergeant Buschena teaches through the written word, from the professional realities he experiences daily.

much needed book based on common sense, not fear, a must read in law enforcement training, for teachers, parents and the general public. It will save property, time, money and most importantly lives!”

Annetta M. Sutton, MA, AAPC
Hazelden Foundation
Minneapolis Police Chaplain


“I would recommend it to anyone
who is interested in personal safety
and the safety of family members.”


“I found the book to be very informative and helpful.  I would recommend it toanyone who is interested in personal safety and the safety of family members.

Your book covered such a wide variety of safety issues.  The manuscript prompted me to be more aware of my surroundings when I come home at night, when I unlock my apartment door,  when I get into my car.

I know that there are no guarantees that someone will stay safe but at least you can do your part to lessen your chances of being a victim.  Your book definitely haslots of valuable information on how to do this.”

Barb Steiner,
Bismarck, North Dakota


I feel safer just having read the book!


“The book was very detailed and insightful. I learned about safety issues I had never thought of before. I feel safer just having read the book!

The writing was easy to read and humor was used even though the topic was a serious one.

Mark is a very knowledgeable crime prevention officer and this book can teach you things that have taken Mark decades to learn first hand. Better him than us, right?

The book also helped me to see the plight of the peace officer and helps to put accountability of crime and crime prevention in the right place.

Marks book is a “must read” if you want to gain some personal safety at home and away from home in our ever-changing, unsafe world. Knowledge is the best defense and this book can give you that knowledge.”

Crystal Jundt,
Minneapolis, Minnesota


“…a ‘common sense’ approach without making me feel like an idiot
for not thinking of some of this.”


“I am so impressed with your writing.  You use great humor, your word choices are excellent, you draw pictures in my mind.

You cover a great deal of topics in a ‘common sense approach’ without making me feel like an idiot for not thinking about some of this.  You’ve given me someoptions when I wouldn’t of thought there were any.

The book doesn’t feel like 500+ pages.  At times I’ve had to just remove my thumb drive so I’d get other things done.

I don’t read any books on line – I like the feel of a book.  Yet having read this on-line, I’m going to reevaluate my practice.  I liked the table of content on the left side.  If I want to look for one specific topic I can use it or the ‘find’ feature.


Diane Laub
Bismarck, North Dakota


“…left absolutely nothing out!”


“Wow – you’ve really done a ton of work on this, and left absolutely nothing out!  

I thought it was very complete, plus it was light reading. You made it interesting with your unique sense of humor and the examples you gave.

It’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest, but I’m not sure how you avoid that other than to encourage people to focus on the chapters that are most applicable to them.

Thanks for sharing your Masterpiece with me!”

Linda Hawk
Stony Plain, Alberta


“…very engaging and helpful.”


“I’ve read your ebook, and I found it very engaging and helpful.  I laughed at your humor and thought it sounded like you.

The stuff on getting on elevators, dealing with rape, teaching children how to deal with confrontation, and avoiding the secondary crime scene is INVALUABLE!”

Dr. D’Arcy Honeycutt
Bismarck, North Dakota


Let’s start to wrap this up…

Here’s what you get!

  • Instant access to this amazing information – no waiting for the mail!
  • The complete “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!” e-book for you to download plus a great BONUS for acting NOW!
  • You will learn that “tough targets” don’t get selected and you’ll learn how to become a TOUGH TARGET!
  • You will learn how a criminal selects his victims and more importantly you will learn how NOT to get selected.
  • I’ll give you easy steps you can take immediately, things you can do right now,today, to reduce your chances of being victimized.
  • You will learn why YOU ALONE are responsible for your safety.
  • I’ll show you the tips, tricks and techniques to keep yourself, your home, your family and your possessions safer and more secure from all the crooks, cons and creeps that are out there looking for an easy target!
  • And I’ll show you how to react if you are in a confrontation with a criminal who is trying to make a victim out of you!
  • …and a whole lot more! 

ACT immediately and receive
the following incredible bonus!

Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the potand give you ANOTHER reason to say yes today!  If you act today I’ll guarantee you receive the following special bonus:

Free Bonus!  Special Report: How to Avoid Becoming a Crime or Terrorist Victim while Traveling, Living or Working Overseas!

Crime is not limited to your own neighborhood, city, state or even country.  When you travel or live abroad, you may be victimized by crime and violence, or experience unexpected difficulties.

As a free bonus I have included a special 50 page report to help you avoid serious difficulties while living or traveling overseas, including…

  • What to take.
  • What to leave behind.
  • Safety in your hotel.
  • Safety on public transportation.
  • Safety when you drive.
  • How to avoid legal difficulties.
  • House, home and family security.
  • General security checklist.
  • Special precautions for children.
  • Suspicious packages or mail.
  • Traveling defensively by air.
  • Precautions at the airport.
  • Being hijacked.
  • Taken hostage.
  • Responding to chemical threats.
  • …and much more!
  • This information could easily sell separately for $39.99.  But it’s yours free if you order today!
  • Your value by not becoming a victim – PRICELESS!  

So what’s this all worth to you?

Well, let’s look at it this way…

What is the safety and security of you and your family worth?  Can you even begin to put a dollar value on something as precious as that?  Of course not.  Don’t you want to do everything you can to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Think about everything you own.  What are your home, your car, and all your other possessions worth?  There’s a very good chance you had to work hard for them, didn’t you? You don’t want some dirty  #$%^&* ripping you off, whether it’s by breaking into your home, stealing your car, your purse or wallet, your laptop computer,…the list goes on and on.

If you’re a victim of a property crime, like a burglary or theft, not only do you lose the value of whatever was stolen, you lose the time it takes to replace it, time that could have been spent being productive, or quality time spent with your family, or even just taking a little time off for yourself.

What is your time worth?  Haven’t you got better ways to spend your time and money then by running around replacing items that were stolen?

And you’ve got the psychological costs.  I had a lady tell me that after her car was stolen she felt so violated she had to sell it because she felt so uncomfortable in it.  It’s even worse with a burglary.  Once someone has gotten inside your house, YOUR HOME, you may never feel safe or comfortable there again.  What is that worth?

And to be the victim of a personal crime like rape, robbery or assault, why you can only begin to imagine what the physical and psychological costs are both to the victim and the victim’s family.

You get at least 10 times your money’s worth!

The truth is – I don’t charge nearly enough for this book!  How can you put a value on this critical information? Just one of these techniques could literally save your life.  Or the life of someone in your family.  What is that worth to you?  

I suppose you could research and try to develop these techniques on your own.  Interview police officers, victims, experts and criminals yourself.  Spend 30 years of your life in law enforcement, like I did, and gather your own research.  But the time you would spend would certainly be worth more than the small price I’m asking.

So, how much is all this information going to cost you?  Several people I’ve shown this information to said I should be charging $200.  I agree this information is worth that.  But I know not everyone will be able to afford that.

So how does “a dime on the dollar” sound?  I believe that’s fair—more than fair—and it’s affordable.

Your investment to own “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!” plus the valuable bonus: HOW TO AVOID BECOMING A CRIME OR TERRORIST VICTIM WHILE TRAVELING, LIVING OR WORKING OVERSEAS! is only $19.95.  Order today for this amazing opportunity!

Why am I discounting it so much?  Because everything is delivered electronically…there is nothing to send you in the “snail mail” and so I can pass the savings on to you and we both win!

But wait, don’t decide now!

Try it out risk-free for 8 weeks!

Don’t decide now if “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!” is right for you.  Take 56 days to put me to the test.  If it doesn’t do everything I say and more…if you don’t learn how to become a tough target…if you don’t learn technique after technique of how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim… if you don’t learn multiple ways to react if you do find yourself in a confrontation with a criminal…then I’ll give you your money back…no questions asked!

You can’t lose with my 100%, ironclad,
8 Week / 56-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You can request a refund within 56 days/8 weeks if you are not satisfied for any reason. So go ahead and order now…and start learning “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!”

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You will be downloading and reading “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!” and the incredible free bonus within just a few minutes…and using it to become a tough target and reduce your chance of being a crime victim…immediately!

To your safety and success!



Sergeant Mark Buschena

P.S.  Let me be perfectly blunt…This information is not for everyone.  Not everyone cares about staying safe, or protecting themselves, their families and their homes or apartments from crime.

In a way, that’s good for you.  I can’t make anyone take precautions.  But the people who don’t take precautions will be the weakest ones, the most vulnerable, the ones most likely to be chosen as the next victims.  But you know what?  It won’t be me and it doesn’t have to be you either if you take some action…

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P.P.P.S.  According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

  • A violent crime occurs every 21 seconds.
  • A murder occurs every 31 minutes.
  • A rape occurs every 6 minutes.
  • A robbery occurs every 1 minute.
  • An aggravated assault occurs every 32 seconds.
  • A property crime occurs every 3 seconds.
  • A burglary occurs every 14 seconds.
  • A larceny-theft occurs every 4 seconds.
  • A motor vehicle theft occurs every 25 seconds.

And you know what?  The sad fact is, many of these crimes are preventable, had the victims only known what to do or taken some other action!  Don’t YOU become the NEXT STATISTIC!

P.P.P.P.S.  Hey, watch the nightly news.  Crime is all around us!  And for less than a measly twenty bucks you can get your hands on information that you can start usingRIGHT NOW to improve your security, reduce fear and anxiety and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing ALL you can for your family and yourself.

Crime may be just around the corner, ready to strike.  Are you prepared to protect your life and property?  Most law enforcement agencies agree:  They can rarely be present to stop a violent crime from happening.  Your only protection is self-protection.  Whatever you can do to prevent an attack or a crime will have to be done before the police arrive.

Many crimes could have been prevented if the victim had been informed and prepared.  The purpose of “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!” is to do just that—to prepare you to meet your attacker before he strikes.   You’ll learn how to avoid being attacked, how to protect your family and property, and much more you need to know to help you with your everyday survival.


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I haven’t got a crystal ball.  How do I know you won’t get robbed, attacked or ripped off on the way home from work tomorrow?  I don’t.

Now that may sound far-fetched or ridiculous, but it is possible, isn’t it?  Here’s the bottom line…The sooner you get this information, the sooner you can start using the simple techniques, and the sooner you can start reducing your chance of being the next crime victim.

Isn’t it time to stop living in fear?  You have the keys sitting right in front of you… reach out and take them…Take back your life!  

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